60-Year-Old Brand

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For more than 60 years, Collier Homes has been the custom builder that West Australian families have turned to. We often meet people who mention that Collier Homes built their parents or grandparents home. This is very special to us, as it instils a strong sense of family tradition in what we do.

over the years//\/

From very humble beginnings, in 1959, the Collier Homes story begins when Mr Raymond McCarthy registered the business. Mr McCarthy lived on Collier Street in the suburb of Applecross, which is where the name of his building business came from. The relationship with the suburb continued with the first display home called the Norwood being built on Riseley Street in 1967.

In 1969 the business was sold to a national land developer and then in 1981, it was purchased by one of its senior executives, Mr Ron Smith.

In 1996, the business was acquired by a national homebuilder, Home Australia.

The brand is now owned by Dario Amara (a second-generation builder), who purchased the business assets in 2016. This was part of a strategy to build on a family tradition of building quality custom homes, which his father commenced in the early 1960s. Dario has been a registered builder since 1984. He is also a chartered professional engineer with experience gained over some 40 years in Australia and internationally, spanning the building, infrastructure and property sectors.

Dario is active in the business and supports his son, Alberto Amara, who as executive director takes the family building tradition into a third-generation.

An enduring brand, such as Collier Homes, when applied to the building of a new home automatically ascribes value.

our values//\/

Caring — We commit to working safely and respecting the environment in which we operate.

Dedicated — We focus on exceeding expectations and finding pathways that lead to progression and sustainability.

Cooperative — We strive to work collaboratively in the spirit of teamwork fostering professional stimulation and well-being.

Creative — We believe in the power of imagination and will always be open to new ideas and innovation.

Sincere — We will always conduct ourselves in a transparent, honest and respectful manner in all that we do.