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MODUS© is a simple method of design used to lay out a series of indoor and outdoor rooms on a structural grid system — producing a diverse array of houses to suit your land, life, and the evolving urban landscape.

Good design speaks volumes.

The measure of what makes a house feel like a home lies beyond square metres. Spaces can feel compressed and dim, or bright and grand with variations in-between. MODUS© considers volume in all design outcomes.

Call to order.

Designed with simplicity and order, MODUS© provides clarity and efficiency in its construction. A considered layout, setout to conventions makes good design accessible with less headaches, building cost, and material waste.

Passive solar design.

Architecture is a science — when applied, it has great potential in moderating the temperature of its interior with the use of the sun and wind. MODUS© uses UV heat-mapping software to ensure this potential is achieved.

Indoor — outdoor.

MODUS© forms courtyard gardens to create a connection to the natural environment, making for a healthier home with good sunlight and quality fresh air. Courtyards also foster micro-climatic qualities that moderate the temperature.

Process over pattern.

Adaptable arrangements introduce a new level of diversity to the housing market. From size, occupancy, and function, MODUS© is able to cater to your unique way of life and can grow with you as life goes on.

The missing middle.

⁠For too long our choice has been either a house in the suburbs or an apartment in the city. ‘Infill’ lots closer to civic centres are becoming more available and with great flexibility MODUS©  is able to adapt to any size lot of land.

What's your vibe?

⁠The use of materials, the volumes dimensions, and the outlook to views or gardens can affect our sense of home, and self, as the interior often informs the exterior. It's not about the elevation, it's the inside that makes a house a home.

— Monolith.

An enclosed inner world of dappled light and dramatic volumes provides a sense of security and calm using dark and solid materials.

— Light.

Rest in the landscape lightly and basque on the edge of the outdoors within the verandah and build them like they used to.

— Lofi.

Raw materials and exposed structure using innovative construction methods provides an open, light, and airy space.


modus operandi

Latin — "way of operating" — a particular way or method of doing something.

— Clear.

MODUS© removes the uncertainty by going back to basics with an otherwise complex process by presenting the design, buildability, and cost upfront, so you know what you get before you commit. We operate transparently to value engineer the best outcome.

— Relationship.

We will be with you from the beginning to the end. Bringing a sense of ease and security to a process often fraught with unknowns, we will be the main point of contact from the design, build, and delivery of your MODUS© designed home.

— Conscious.

We seek leading construction professionals to deliver the best in design supporting progressive, sustainable, and flexible modes of living. From designers to builders, our vision is to set a benchmark for the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

— Pragmatic.

MODUS© ​​​​​has been designed in collaboration with construction professionals, unlocking design and build efficiencies not found in one-off projects. We use intelligent and iterative processes that are naturally more economical than bespoke builds.