Owning a spacious, lavish house is a dream for many people. Our company can make that dream a reality. As luxury builders, we specialise in collaborating with our valued clients to create unique, opulent houses that last a lifetime.

Established in 1959, we have proven ourselves to be one of the most highly regarded luxury home builders in Western Australia. Founded on principles of dedication and craftsmanship, our commitment to excellence ensures that the high standard of our work is unparalleled. 

As comprehensive luxury home builders, we offer our clients a complete, collaborative experience. We specialise in the design and development of custom-made, premium houses unlimited by size, style or location. The only limitations are that of the imagination.

Elements of splendour

Whether it is the marble floors, seaside location or exquisite amenities, premium houses stand out amongst the rest. As luxury home builders, we are dedicated to upholding a high level of excellence at every facet of our approach.

Here's what makes us stand out:

Attention-to-detail - From immaculately smooth surfaces to perfectly trimmed hedges, our meticulous attention-to-detail makes our houses truly distinctive. Our genuine care for our clients and the properties we work on ensures that each house is made to the highest standards.

High calibre craftsmanship - Careful craftsmanship begins with years of training and ends with the final polish. Our team members are highly experienced and have a sincere passion for their work. Care is taken to ensure the flawless execution of your design and its implementation every step of the way.

Commitment to our values - As quality builders, we consider devoting ourselves to our values to be an essential part of what we do. We are committed to caring for the environment, working safely, exceeding expectations, collaborative teamwork, and working creatively and transparently. This ensures that we uphold our standards and deliver exceptional results every time.

Superior materials - We take care to use only the finest materials and finishes in our work. There are a range of exquisite finishing options that we can supply for your dream dwelling. We ensure that our suppliers are of the highest calibre.

Custom design - We know how important it is to have a house that represents the individual and their lifestyle. We are passionate about encouraging creative collaboration between clients and our staff in order to design and construct houses that are truly unique. We strive to ensure that the dream houses our customers desire become a reality. This means that whether a client desires a wine cellar in their basement, a six-car garage or an infinity pool, we can make it happen. 

Lindal Cedar Homes - We are partners with world-renowned North American kit house company Lindal Cedar Homes, a supplier of sustainable, dream houses that can be constructed almost anywhere. The company utilises premium Western red cedar to create a charming, warm atmosphere in each property. Their homes are beautiful, comfortable, low-maintenance and high value. Confident in their high-class materials and structural integrity, they also offer a lifetime warranty on each house.

Luxury builders – styles to suit every taste

With 60 years of experience as Perth’s top luxury home builders, we are well-equipped to provide a range of housing styles that appeal to each person’s unique aesthetic preferences. This ensures that no matter a person’s desires, we can bring their dreams to life with unmatched flair. Some of the styles we offer include:

Contemporary - Our collection of modern architecture is both elegant and subversive. Typically, contemporary houses feature clean lines and asymmetric shapes; however, each house can be customised to suit each client’s unique preferences.

Traditional - Taking inspiration from classic European architecture, this collection features timeless designs and details that rouse nostalgia for the past whilst remaining sophisticated and stylish.

Fusion - Our fusion approach combines a range of different styles which may be selected by the individual. Whether a client desires a mix of the nostalgic past and the contemporary present, or a combination of different cultural influences, there is little that cannot be achieved.

After 60 years of serving Perth as one of the top luxury home builders in the region, we continue to strive for excellence and client satisfaction. We have proudly earned a reputation for our traditional values that promote a collaborative spirit which results in high-quality workmanship and sincere satisfaction. We look forward to continuing creating remarkable, exclusive houses that will impress for years to come. 

We welcome you to send us an enquiry or contact us for an obligation-free consultation.