House and land 

Collier Homes can work with you to find the best house and land package to suit your lifestyle, needs and budget.

With an extensive property network, a building pedigree of nearly 60 years and our Collier Finance team we can make your life easy by handling the entire process for you.


Demolish and build 

Collier Homes understands that sometimes the best option is to make the most of your current home location.

You might be close to family, friends, conveniences or just love where you live...

With our Kwikstream project management approach we can plan in detail the entire operation from design, approvals, communicating with your neighbours to building and handover.  We can even stage the operation, if necessary.

Your peace of mind is our primary concern, as is completing the operation in the least amount of time so that costs associated with renting temporary accommodation and storage are kept to an absolute minimum.

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