Kwikstream Process

Our Kwikstream Process

Collier Homes applies proven project management techniques and progressive applications to manage the entire building process.  

Kwikstream is the name which Collier Homes uses to represent this delivery discipline.

Kwikstream means your home is ready to begin construction sooner and will be built in the shortest time possible, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in reduced rent, storage and associated costs. Also, you’ll feel informed and involved at each stage and not left in the dark.

1. Our Meeting

You meet one of our Home Building Consultants and discuss your needs. To assist you can complete an Initial Client Brief. This is where we uncover all the design and building features that are important to you.

2. Design and Costing Development

On top of Collier's comprehensive standard specifications, you can add other features to the plan. These are all documented in writing following our simple but thorough checklists. During this stage your requirements are considered in the development of a base design and cost.

3. Preparation of Plans Agreement

At this stage, you will be presented with a Preparation of Plans Agreement (PPA), once signed and a deposit is paid, documentation is then compiled and our licensed Surveyor is engaged to confirm the lot boundaries and ascertain the location of essential services.

At the same time our Structural Engineer will prepare a Certificate of Inspection based on an assessment of soil samples on site and prepare a footing design specific for your new home lot. During the preparation of these reports our Designer produces your preliminary plans. These plans are then carefully checked against your written requests.

4. Building Contract

Your Home Building Consultant presents you with the contract, plans and other relevant documentation in a personalised building file, along with a colour pack (in preparation for the colour selection process). They will go through each room and elevation with you to ensure that the plans meet all your requirements. The Building Contract is signed and the plans certified (you accept the plans).

At this stage, a finance pre-approval is required.

5. Administration & Selections

You will be allocated a Pre-Start Administrator for the entire administration stage to answer any of your queries, give you regular updates and guide you through the exciting process of colour selection. This one person stays with you throughout the entire administration stage.

At this point you will be given access to your personal Collier Cloud based network with your own login, so that you can stay across all the latest 24/7 and from any device.


6. Applications and Approvals

Your Pre-Start Administrator will follow up with the statutory bodies to ensure that Shire, Water Corporation and Development Applications are approved promptly. When all the approvals are received, we are now ready to commence scheduling in preparation for construction.

7. Construction Phase

When the constructions stage begins, you will have direct access to your Building Supervisor and your Collier Cloud which will include progressive photos.

You will be able to track progress from the construction program which will also serve as your guide in terms of the construction activity sequencing.

8. Handover

Before Handover your Building Supervisor will meet with you on site to do a comprehensive inspection so that any items that may require attention are agreed and dealt with in a most expedient manner.

At Handover, together with your set of keys to your new home, you will be presented with a Handover Pack that contains all applicable warranties and guarantees, your Notice of Practical Completion Certificate and Maintenance Form.

Once you are settled in your new home, we will be in touch to make sure that everything is operating as it should be and answer any questions.

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