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North Perth House.



North Perth House is an urban-infill project in inner-city Perth. The design and build journey was documented by Grand Designs Australia and showcased in Episode 4 of Season 9 (2021).

The clients — who are keen art collectors — wanted an architecturally designed house, suitable for a small inner-city block that took cues from Japanese small-footprint living. The resultant design by architect Nic Brunsdon presents innovative construction methods and finishes while maximising spatial efficiency — essential on a 227m2 block. 

According to Alberto Amara, who managed the project, the 12-month build was not all smooth sailing. Family tensions and the complexity of the build pushed everyone to their absolute limits.

Pre-cast concrete panels were deployed to be both the finishing material and building structure. By using this commercial construction system as the main conceptual organising principle, the project was able to achieve a time-saving in construction, while maintaining its design integrity and innovative form.

Photography by Ben Hosking