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Collier Homes has successfully constructed a unique precast concrete residence in North Perth (Instagram - #northperthhouse), which has been documented by Grand Designs Australia. The episode will air in mid-2020 featuring the design, construction and handover of this truly amazing home.

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The clients, who are keen art collectors, wanted an architecturally designed house, suitable for a small inner-city block that took cues from Japanese small-footprint living. The resultant design presents innovative construction methods and finishes while maximising spatial efficiency - essential on a 226m2 lot.

The project is the result of a design and build collaborative between Collier Homes & POST- architecture that formed in mid-2018. This partnership strives to develop homes of the highest quality, which innovate around affordability, modularity, scalability, and environmental responsiveness (read more).

Collier Homes is not your average home builder. We thrive on challenging, unique, and specialised projects. Our team consists of highly credentialed, experienced, and diverse professionals capable of delivering the home of your dreams (read more). 

Please get in touch if you are thinking about building or are interested in creating a grand design of your own.

Alberto Amara // executive director, Collier Homes
+61 (08) 9443 8288

Nic Brundson // director, POST- architecture
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