Burra Series

Uniquely Australian.


The Burra Series celebrates the unique qualities that Collier Homes has developed over its sixty-year history. Australian streetscape, climate and way of life have all been considered in the creation of these humble family homes.

Multiple internal and external spaces form these homes which serve to blend both inside and out and embrace Perth's distinct climate. Welcoming shade against our harsh sun and cooling sea breezes are allowed for with deep eaves to large windows, lush internal courtyards and natural cross-ventilation. The layouts are spatially pragmatic and efficient, yet spacious and cozy. The material palette is modest, low maintenance and primed to weather beautifully embedding character during a time that celebrates Australian architecture and quality built homes.

'Burra' references several things that we consider to be unique about Australia. The 'Burra Charter' is a document that seeks to preserve our places of heritage and the 'burra' in Kookaburra mimics the iconic kingfisher’s call.


Bold, minimalist and solid, Joon stands tall with its staircase and large window to the street, presenting a welcoming facade, yet private interior. The front courtyard buffers street life and can be used as an alternative entry.

Internal living areas take ahold of the height of the house and present a double volume void to the upper floor's master suite. This is a family home providing everyone with their own space to retreat and a central living area to come together.


Private yet permeable, Oriel sits back from the street with its slatted carport gate allowing an urban vista. Its sculptural and bold wall reaches out to welcome the visitor. Several other thick walls create a cavernous and shaded interior.

The internal spaces consist of two blocks connected with a study bridge, creating several courtyards that breathe light and air into the home. This is a house for those who enjoy the interior, yet appreciate many different outdoor spaces. 


With many heavy columns framing its facade, Matilda rests comfortably and privately from the street with a full-width verandah providing a connection to its surround. Its sculptured outer columns provide a calming feeling of enclosure. 

The internal spaces consist of open-plan living and dining and a private master suite for the parents to relax and unwind. This is a humble family home for those who enjoy the interior and appreciate a connection to the outdoors.