Building a new home from scratch can be a difficult process, especially if you do not have any prior experience. If you are a first home builder, Collier Homes is able to assist you with making your dream property a reality with our insightful design consultancy and proven project management techniques.

With our comprehensive service, you can build a house and maintain complete creative control while we take care of all of the administrative work on your behalf. Any stress or anxiety that is typically associated with this process is diminished when you engage with our team of dedicated experts.

The residence that we help you to create will harmonise with your lifestyle and your aspirations, while achieving a distinctive aesthetic that you will love for many years to come. We believe that the beauty of your dream abode is only realised through a collaborative creative process that engages the expertise of various design and development professionals.

Build a house with our professional guidance

Using our custom process called Kwikstream, we ensure that building a new home can begin without delay and is completed in the shortest amount of time possible. Our implementation of Kwikstream also means that you will be both fully informed and involved in every aspect of the project from beginning to end.

The process of working with us is broken up into 8 distinct phases:

1. Consulting With Our Experienced Team - It all starts with a meeting with one of our consultants who will sit down with you, discuss your expectations for the project, and develop an Initial Client Brief. In this phase, you are able to make clear all of the important construction and design features you want to have included so that we can advance to the next phase; design and cost development.

2. Designing & Costing Your Development - You have the option to select and customise one of our templates, or design something entirely unique to you. This creative process is thoroughly documented by your consultant, enabling this information to be referenced during subsequent design and costing stages.

3. Preparing the Plans Agreement - At this stage, you will be issued a Preparation of Plans Agreement for you to sign and will be required to make a deposit. A Licensed Surveyor from our team will then inspect your lot in order to establish boundaries and confirm the location of essential services. During this period, one of our Structural Engineers will make their own inspection of the lot, testing soil and establishing the footing design. When both these inspections are completed, your plans will then be prepared by our Designer.

4. Receiving Your Building Contract - You will be provided with a Building Contract (which contains your plans and other related paperwork) as well as a colour pack that will prepare you for the colour selection process. Each room and its elevation will be reviewed with you in order to make sure that every last detail meets your needs. You will then be required to sign the contract, certifying that you accept the plans. Finance pre-approval will also be required during this phase.

5. Administration & Colour Selection - One of our Pre-Start Administrators will be assigned to your project and they will be able to answer any questions you have as well as provide you with regular updates. They will also help guide you through one of the most enjoyable parts of building a new house; colour selection. You will also be granted access to the Collier Cloud network where you can log in and monitor the progress of your project 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any device.

6. Issuing Applications & Receiving Approvals - Your personal Pre-Start Administrator will proceed to correspond with statutory agencies to make sure that all relevant Development, Water Corporation and Shire Applications are approved in a timely manner. Once all approvals are received, the scheduling of materials and labour can begin so that construction can commence as soon as possible.

7. Beginning Construction - Now that the construction process has begun, you will be able to directly correspond with your Building Supervisor as well as monitor progress using the Collier Cloud. From your account, you will be able to see regularly updated progressive site photos as well as track the sequence of construction activities from a detailed construction program.

8. Handing Over the Keys - When construction is finished, your Building Supervisor will meet with you on the site to complete a thorough inspection so as to identify any issues that may need to be rectified. Once it is confirmed your expectations have been fully met, you will be given a Handover Pack including all keys, guarantees and applicable warranties. You will also receive your Practical Completion Certificate as well as your Maintenance Form.

An enduring, trusted provider in home development

From start to finish, we simplify the process of building a new house without jeopardising on the quality of the final product. As an enduring brand that has built custom dwellings in Western Australia for 60 years, we are renowned for our commitment to a sincere collaborative spirit so that we can not only meet, but exceed expectations.

This is why our name is remembered fondly by West Australians, many of who can recall their parents or grandparents home being constructed with our help.

We welcome you to submit an enquiry or get in touch with us directly to request an obligation-free consultation.