When it comes to creating your ideal home, you want to work with building companies you can trust. Reputation, experience and outstanding communication are essential factors to consider when selecting a firm.

Since 1959, Collier Homes has been making dream homes a reality through dedication to the design process, craft and client collaboration. We specialise in creating custom-made homes that complement each individual’s tastes, lifestyle and budget.

Our difference

At Collier Homes, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest degree of quality and care at every level. Our passion for creative design means that the homes we develop with our clients are unique and personalised. Rather than producing low-quality replicas of existing designs, we strive to create lasting homes that can be passed on from generation to generation. The homes we construct are deeply valued and cherished by their owners.

Our team is a large family of experienced designers, architects, tradesmen and engineers. We value commitment to craft, innovation, sustainability, respect and transparency. Contrary to less comprehensive building companies, we aim to collaborate with clients, offering services based on individual needs. Whilst we can take care of the entire operation, we welcome clients to determine their level of input.

Custom designs - Many building companies may not offer custom homes, forcing you to choose from a limited range of house designs. For those who want a property that reflects their unique needs and interests, a custom-made home is an excellent decision. Collier Homes is renowned for its creation of quality custom-made houses. Our clients report high levels of satisfaction with their new homes and the transparency of our construction process. 

Lindal Cedar Homes - We are Australia’s independent dealer of Lindal Cedar Homes, a world-class leader in sustainable, custom-designed properties. These kit houses are eco-friendly, premium and stylish works of art made of the finest Western red cedar. Through Lindal Cedar Homes, we can provide a range of floor plans and home designs to inspire you, from charming cottages to contemporary villas. Lindal Cedar Homes offers a reliable quality of materials and designs and a lifetime structural warranty. This ensures you receive a lasting investment and a spectacular home.

What building companies can provide - Building companies like Collier Homes provide a range of services throughout the pre-construction and post-construction phases. The process of constructing a home involves many steps, including architectural design, determining zoning regulations, and installing plumbing and electricals.

Development types - Collier Homes has 60 years of experience in creating a wide range of developments. Some of the properties we construct include traditional houses, multi-storey properties, units, granny flats, triplex and grouped properties. If you can imagine it, we can help create it.

Maximisation of property value - Good value-management is a crucial component of the development process for building companies. We have an extensive amount of experience in optimising homes for maximum return. This ensures that each home we create will have a lasting market value that will ideally increase over time.

This is achieved in three ways:

1. Obligation-free consultation - Our team liaises with you to establish goals and consider the developmental capacity of the block.

2. Feasibility report - Using industry experience and knowledge of local planning regulations, strata and zoning, we create an accurate plan and cost-analysis of the project.

3. Smart design - Our experienced architects produce a plan that optimises property development and potential for returns.

Timely process

We work efficiently to ensure that both the pre-construction and construction phases of the development of each property are completed as swiftly as possible. This allows our clients to go to market quickly and reduces the amount of time and money spent renting temporary accommodation and storage.

1. Initial consultation - A consultant will identify client needs and the client will complete an initial brief.

2. Design & cost development - Design and cost plans will be drafted.

3. Prepare plans agreement - A Preparation of Plans Agreement will be signed and a deposit paid.

4. Sign construction contract - A construction contract will be signed, the plans certified, and a colour pack will be provided to the client.

5. Administration & selections - An administrator will be of service to the client, providing answers to any queries as well as guidance with the colour selection process.

6. Applications & approvals - Applications and approvals with relevant statutory bodies will be carried out.

7. Construction - Construction of the property will begin and process can be viewed by clients online via Collier Cloud.

8. Handover - A supervisor will complete a comprehensive inspection with the client. Handover will then occur.

Selecting from a range of building companies involves a combination of research and consideration of personal needs. Collier Homes is a reputable provider of quality, custom-made homes that will last for generations.

We encourage you to send us an enquiry or contact us directly for an obligation-free consultation.