Our Team

West Australian Family owned & operated.

The Collier Homes business assets were purchased by Dario Amara in November 2016.

Dario Amara is a second generation builder, experienced construction and engineering executive and chartered professional engineer with some 36 years of industry experience. He brings to Collier Homes not only experienced leadership, but also a committed approach to delivering quality homes that not only continue the progressive Collier Homes tradition, but that are also executed in the most efficient and workmanlike manner.   

Dario’s son, Alberto Amara joined the business in November 2016 as Operations Director. After some 10 years of industry experience spanning residential, commercial and civic construction, he brings diverse project and contract management skills to Collier Homes.

Dario and Alberto are joined by a capable team of professionals who share and endorse the Collier Homes vision, mission and values:

Our Vision 

We will have a solid reputation for being builders of very high quality homes which blend advanced technologies, materials and design. 

Our Mission

We are builders who provide exemplary services by working as a team.  We apply our creativity, technical abilities and advanced project management skills to exceed expectations and deliver a lasting investment to our customers.

Our Values

  1. Caring we are dedicated to thinking and working safely in all that we do; 
  2. Commitment we are focused on exceeding expectations and finding work pathways that lead to innovation and sustainability;
  3. Cooperation we strive to work collaboratively with others in the spirit of teamwork to foster a setting that enables professional stimulation and well-being;
  4. Creativity we believe in the power of an imagination and will always be open to new ideas and innovation; and
  5. Integrity we will at all times be open, honest and well mannered in all that we do.

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