The art of 
home building.

Since 1959



We embrace leading designers, architects and engineers with a delivery approach founded on strong project management.



Years of optimising buildings for particular sites gives us invaluable insights on how smart development is achieved.



Dear Dario and family, we are very proud of what you have helped us create. The journey has been a positive experience with your warmth, openness, and honesty. We wish you all the best with Collier.
– AD & CD

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Sustainability should mean something

Sustainability should mean something

The practice of sustainability relating to home building appears to pivot solely around low energy practices, without consideration of the building materials used.
The art of home building

The art of home building

The initial phase in the process of building a custom designed home is inherently creative. Clients often come to us brimming with design ideas and concepts.
Collier Homes & POST- architecture

Collier Homes & POST- architecture

Collier Homes & POST- architecture form design and build collaborative - combining sophisticated architectural design, with a third-generation family building tradition.